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As a candidate, there are a number of different ways you can join us in France and Benelux, suiting a range of education levels. We offer apprenticeships, internships, and field sales roles.

Whichever one is right for you, you’ll enjoy exciting live projects, exposure to industry experts, continuous development opportunities and more. All in the fast-moving, ever-changing reality of the world’s biggest new start-up.

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what's on offer?

Our early careers opportunities are full of all kinds of goodness, big and small. And we don’t just mean the chocolatey kind either. Along with roles that are rich in responsibility and people who will fuel your passions, you’ll enjoy training and benefits that will unlock your delicious best.

Growing With Us

Wherever you are, whatever role you’re in, you’ll have big and small opportunities to learn from the best in the business. You’ll also have regular one-to-ones with your line manager and mentor to discuss your career path and to design an enticing development plan.

We know real development doesn’t come from any one method. That’s why we’ll offer you a range of development opportunities, from coaching and training to skills-stretching experiences and, if you like, support towards professional qualifications. All of which you’ll need to step up and own.

Best of all, you’ll have the chance to make a huge impact on the business early in your career. As a company that’s young and growing, we understand the value of great ideas. If you’ve got one, we’ve got the energy and resources to make that idea happen – on a big scale.

Rewards and Benefits

Big and small perks that give life a real boost. That’s what our benefits package is all about.


It all starts with the salary. We offer graduates about a €37000 (dependant on location). If you’re an intern your salary will be €1300 by month and if you’re a school-leaver you’ll get €1500 by month.

Salaries for Apprentices start at about €1300 in year one.


We give you a sublime holiday entitlement of 25 days per year (plus about 7 days in Christmas holidays)


Some benefits, such as personal accident cover, are given to everyone who joins us. Others are part of our flexible benefits package, which allows you to choose the benefits you like. These include travel, dental and car breakdown insurance.


You’ll have access to one state-of-the-art gym (if based at Clamart) and numerous wellness initiatives throughout the year.


We have an employee shop stocked with Mondelez International goodies at massively discounted prices.


Everyone who joins gets to take part in our delightfully reassuring company pension scheme.

Career Progression

If you’re a graduate or school-leaver, you’ll be on a full-time contract from day one. Once you’ve completed the programme, you’ll then be able to choose a permanent role. If you’re an intern and we like what we see throughout the year we may even offer you a role within the business following graduation.


Ready to taste success?

We’ve been offering apprenticeships in France for many years now. So we know how to bring out your best, and help you thrive within a fast-paced, global business.

We offer apprenticeships in all fonctions across several of our sites. Whichever apprenticeship you take up, you’ll become part of a supportive team who’ll share their knowledge and expertise with you and help you develop on the job. Add formal college course work to the mix and, before you know it, you’ll be a highly-skilled professional with a bright future ahead of you.


Ready for a tantalising taste of the commercial world? Then sink your teeth into a Mondelēz International internship.

Most of our placements are 6 months long. Either way, we’ll make you an integral part of our team, giving you a real job – with real responsibilities – from day one.

We want to make sure you get the most from your time with us. That’s why once you join we’ll work out ambitious goals for you. Then through the support of a buddy and regular reviews with your manager, we’ll help you achieve them.

It’ll be quite a challenge. After all, we’re a global company working in a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. But if all goes well, you could be offered a graduate role.

Your Special Ingredients

If you have an outstanding academic record and the people skills to match, the delicious world of Mondelēz International could be yours to enjoy.

We’re looking for people who are hungry to learn and love nothing more than taking on a challenge. You’ll also need great attention to detail and the ability to adapt to the ever-shifting needs of a global business.

Customer Service & Logistics Internship

Customer Service & Logistics is one of the most expansive areas of our business. Not only do they help manage customer accounts, but they are responsible for storing products, taking orders, managing demand, arranging transport, collecting payments and, ultimately, ensuring our products reach store shelves– in full and on time!

We have a variety of internships in fields such as packaging development, customer development, and country fulfilment.

We welcome applications from all disciplines, especially engineering and business, so do not hesitate to apply!

Engineering Internship

Engineering is where our brilliant ideas become a delicious reality. Our engineers develop the highly technical processes behind every product we make.

Immersing yourself in a world of Chemical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering, you’ll work in a range of environments, with a range of responsibilities. Along with experiencing both the operational and technical sides of what we do, you’ll be given the freedom to innovate, the scope to make key decisions and the opportunity to take on the many small and exciting challenges that make up any large-scale production.

Finance Internship

Finance is infused into every single aspect of our $35 billion organisation. It’s not just about numbers either. It’s about collecting and analysing intelligent information that then allows us to make informed decisions. The two principal internships we have in the finance team are Accounting and Payroll Assistant and Management Controlling Assistant. Both roles are really important to our business and offer great exposure to all of the stakeholders throughout our business.

Marketing Internship

Our Marketing team focuses on consumers, the people who eat and drink our products. Marketing is where we first capture consumers’ imaginations, giving them a tantalising taste of our brands, big and small. Your first objective will be to create delicious moments of joy!

If you join our Marketing team, you’ll get a flavour of our cutting-edge marketing campaigns with brands like Milka, Oreo, Côte d’Or, and Poulain or for big stores like Carrefour and Auchan. You will also learn a lot of different things throughout your placement, like the use of Nielsen and market analysis, whilst working with a variety of stakeholders, such as creation agencies, and the Sales and Legal departments.

Research, Development & Quality Internship

Research, Development & Quality (RD&Q) is the magical ingredient that brings all our brands, big and small, to life. Our Chemistry Department, for instance, makes chemical and physical measurements to characterise composition, functionality and nutritional value, while our Packaging team uses their expertise for everything from extending the shelf life of our products to ensuring they’re wrapped in an environmentally-friendly way.

Our Consumer and Sensory Science people provide sensory testing and consumer research, our Nutritional Group offers strategic leadership in nutritional science and our Science and Regulatory Affairs Department handles legislation and regulatory compliance. We also have a Quality team that develops and carries out proactive food safety initiatives.

We also have our Product Development team who work on the final product creative design, and our Process Development experts who work on the way we make our products.

Sales Internship

Our Sales team is all about our customers, the stores and supermarkets that buy our products and enable consumers to enjoy them. The stronger our customer relationships are, the more likely that our products will be displayed in the best places – and attract maximum attention.

Join us in Sales and you’ll get a flavour of our ingenious sales and merchandising strategies. Working in a Field Sales placement, you’ll develop tight relationships with independent retailers and promote new product lines while selling existing ones. All to ensure optimum sales and exposure.

During your induction you’ll receive comprehensive training on selling techniques and negotiation skills. Thereafter, you’ll enjoy on-going support from a Field Sales mentor.

Apply today and you could work in any of these areas, collaborating with teams of talented scientists, technologists and engineers. All while enjoying outstanding pilot plant facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and well-funded laboratories.