career areas

Creating delicious moments of joy for our consumers means we rely on colleagues across many business areas to work together to create our fantastic products and build our iconic brands. Here’s a quick look at each.


Engineering forms part of our integrated supply chain and is where our brilliant ideas become a delicious reality. Our engineers develop the highly technical processes and competitive advantaged assets behind every product we make, whether it’s an imaginative chocolate bar like Toblerone, an irresistible snack like Belvita or some wonderful new treat we haven’t even thought of yet.

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Manufacturing in our factories is an important part of our integrated supply chain and is where we create the delicious finished products our consumers love from raw materials. We rely on motivated, skilled employees taking ownership in their area of work, ensuring the safety of themselves and their colleagues while producing our top quality products reliably and efficiently to match demand.

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Customer Services & Logistics

Customer Services & Logistics is the perfect place to build understanding of the integrated end to end demand-driven supply chain (from farm to shelf); making the link between the plants and our customers to deliver best in class service in the most efficient way. Our aim is to always have the right products, at the right time and with the right quantity and quality on the shelf for our consumers; managing this jointly with our customers.

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research, development & quality

Research, Development & Quality (RD&Q) is the magical ingredient that brings all our brands to life. Our fantastic team of scientists and nutritionists work tirelessly on product quality, nutrition and sensory aspects to ensure we deliver a consistent and delightful consumer experience. RD&Q is where we turn great ideas into brilliant brands.

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Our sales team is about putting the customer at the heart of our business. We are passionate about building strong relationships with all of our customers, big or small. Our goal is to be the supplier of choice and ensure we deliver world class execution of our plans in every store.

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Our Marketing team focuses on consumers, the people who consume our products. Marketing is where we first capture consumers’ imaginations, giving them a tantalizing taste of our brands.

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Finance is infused into every single aspect of our $14 billion European organization. It’s not just about numbers either. It’s about collecting and analyzing intelligent information that then allows us to make informed decisions.

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human resources

As a company that employs approximately 26,000 people in Europe, we need to make our size work for us. By ensuring every person counts and can use their unique talents to help us on our journey, our industry-leading HR team brings out our best.

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information systems

Information Systems connects and empowers every aspect of our organization. Across the world, our colleagues are committed to excellence in technology and services, delivering the right business capabilities, powered by better information. For example, we invest in growth-enabling 'front-office' solutions - those solutions that make use of industry-leading sales, marketing and product development capabilities, as well as integrating our supply chain from procurement through to manufacturing, customer service and logistics.

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