Been there, seen it, done it

“I’ve just celebrated 30 years with Mondelēz International and I’m in my sixteenth job assignment since I joined as a pre-management trainee with the Oscar Mayer Foods division. During my career, I’ve moved my family nine times, worked in seven different functions and five food categories – Meat, Cheese, Food Service, Frozen Foods (mainly pizza) and now Biscuits. For the past six years, I’ve been in a global role which has enabled me to travel to over 50 countries - a truly remarkable experience!”


Leadership Powerhouse

“The two-week Mondelēz International Leadership Powerhouse Program helped me reflect on my life purpose and allowed me to network with great leaders across the organization. In fact, I’ve gained many new friends and mentors for the remainder of my life. I’ve had training throughout my career with Mondelēz International (I estimate about 2,000 hours in my first 10 years alone) but nothing like this. Working with personal coaches, it opened my eyes to what I want out of life, while the second week focused on solving real business challenges for the business.”


Learning through experience

“During my career, I’ve worked in a variety of roles and functions including Human Resources, Research, Development & Quality (RDQ), Plant Safety, Corporate Training & Development, Plant Manufacturing, Strategy and now Integrated Supply Chain. Each assignment has prepared me for my next move, and I really feel I’ve been able to ‘steer’ my career. In a large, multinational company like ours, the opportunities are unlimited; if you want to move around you can, but you have to get noticed by doing a great job in your current assignment and letting senior leaders know your career ambitions.”


Ticking all the boxes

“The reason I’ve stayed at Mondelēz International for so long boils down to three things … it’s a great company with great consumer brands; a high degree of job security with top tier job benefits and limitless career opportunities; and, overall, a high degree of job satisfaction. I wake up every morning and think, ‘I really enjoy being part of this company’ – not everyone can say that.”


Personal secrets

“Not many people will know that this Kevin Bacon grew up on a small rural farm in southern Wisconsin and started his Mondelēz International career in Meats … yes, I’m a true “Meat Head”! I’ve always been interested in agriculture. I raised registered purebred sheep as a young teenager, have an undergraduate degree in agriculture, a graduate degree in meat science, and a Master’s degree in business. Early in my life, I fitted hundreds of purebred sheep for State and National shows and sheared thousands of sheep – I ‘m also a registered purebred sheep judge. Another secret is that I’m addicted to Triscuits – they’re a healthy, low calorie snack with three simple ingredients… I just love the taste and texture of the cracker.”