Job hopper

“I’ve spent 27 years in RDQ in Melbourne. But forget about ‘staying put’, I’ve had a new job every couple of years. I started in Packaging and moved through various technologist roles to become Senior Group Leader. After a spell in Product, it was on to Planning and then Productivity and then back to Product. In 2014, I became lead for RDQ Meals in Australia; a year later, regional lead for the category in Asia Pacific. This year, Meals became a global category and we formed the AMEA region (Asia Middle East and Africa), which is why I now wear two hats.”


Real diversity

“From a career perspective, the diversity of Mondelēz International and its brands has been incredible. I’ve moved from Grocery to Dairy to Beverages. I’ve worked on Philadelphia cream cheese, processed cheese, Vegemite, peanut butter and salad dressing. As a team contributor, manager and most recently a leader, I’ve not only had to get used to new categories, but new technology – there’s a huge range of technology we use to manufacture our products. But it’s all provided me with a great opportunity to grow and develop.”


Perpetual learning

“We’re big on learning and development in RDQ. There are programmes across all the technical functions, and a good mix of formal and informal coaching. We have a great Global forum called MTLA (Mondelez Technical and Leadership Academy), I have sent a number of my team to this forum. It is a great experience for RDQ members to learn about our company, our products and build their personal skills. I’ve been on the Leadership for Performance programme to help me make the transition from manager to leader. But learning is also about the people you meet – you can share experiences with colleagues, and friends, across the globe and my managers have always helped me tap into people who could support me on my career journey.”


Power Brands

“We can be proud of our brand. I don’t work for an energy company whose product you can’t see. I work for a food company, giving people delicious things to eat. When I tell people I make Vegemite, for example, you can see the interest in their eyes. “I totally believe in our products. I know they’re safe. I know we only use the best ingredients to give the best taste. And when I see them in a supermarket, I know I’ve done a good job.”


Personal secrets

“I say I wear two hats; that should really be three. I juggle work with being a mum of three. Being the scientific sort, I had each of my kids two years apart, and on each occasion I’ve returned from maternity leave there’s been a new, exciting role for me, whether full or part time. “If there’s one thing I’ll put on the table as a treat for my children, it’s our peanut butter. Perhaps not the best known of our products but I absolutely adore it!”