mondelēz international business services (mbs):starting out bournville


Mondelēz International Business Services (MBS) is a global organization that’s simplifying and standardizing how we work around the world.

MBS includes a center for employee services in Bournville that aims to bring a more human approach to human resources. Want to know what it’s like to work on the team? Here are the initial impressions of two people who have recently joined.

translation and communications team lead

Learning the HR language

Mondelēz International (MDLZ) has people working in some 165 countries around the world – so you can imagine how many languages are spoken. I’m Team Leader for the Translations team within MBS. Any document that MBS produces, we translate it in response to online and telephone requests. I was working as a freelance translator when I was contacted by MDLZ through LinkedIn. I knew a lot about Cadbury, if not the company behind it, and the location was perfect for me, so I jumped at the chance. But HR has been a new arena for me, so I’ve had to get up to speed with all the terminology.

Warm welcome

I can only speak positively about the experience – and that’s down to the people who have made sure it’s been a great place to work since my first day. Everyone is so welcoming and helpful. I get the feeling that MDLZ genuinely cares about its employees and it’s a very people-oriented place to be. I feel valued as a member of the team, appreciated for my contribution and excited about being part of such a big company – the list of brands and products is incredible!

All hands on deck

Everyone is very driven and working together towards the same goal. It’s good to be in at the very start and able to build MBS into something really special. There’s been a lot of planning and training. We’re now at the point where we’re raring to go and ready to get stuck in and see how everything works in practice. That’s created a great atmosphere.

Looking ahead

I’m very happy where I am at the moment, but never say never. If another project comes up with MDLZ, I’ll certainly consider it – and I expect there will be no shortage of options. I was a management consultant before I got into translations, so I’m the open-minded kind.

Favorite Product?

I have no hesitation in saying Oreo!

workforce administration team lead - nordics

Ticking all the boxes

I’d worked as an HR administrator and completed my postgraduate Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) qualification, and the role of HR Team Lead was everything I was looking for. Firstly, it was a chance to use my languages – Danish, Hebrew, English and Spanish. I could identify with the MDLZ values, and when I go to the shops and see our products, I can say ‘I’m part of that’.

I lead a small team handling a whole range of HR queries – payroll, employee relations, new hires, promotions, maternity leave, you name it. With the new systems and the centralization of HR, there’s been a lot to learn but the training has been first class.

Ideas and initiative

We’ve set up a ‘war room’ where anyone can go to voice their comments and ideas and know that they’ll be heard. People also take ownership. In my first month, I was asked to put together a recommendation for a language pack. It was great to get that kind of responsibility so quickly.

Sharing and caring

Everyone gets on well at MDLZ and supports each other. Early on, we had a meeting called Show and Tell, where every department in MBS introduced themselves and explained their role.

Small things you do can make a big difference. Our products spread joy in the outside world and internally people want to do the same. People are aware of each other and, being new, I’ve been getting lots of help from others. It makes for a very pleasant environment.

Life outside Mondelēz International

I’m someone who loves having lots of things to do. I like writing and have completed a novel called ‘Leftovers’. I did receive a publishing offer but I didn’t want to be under the thumb of a publisher. As well as planning a second novel, I’m learning Spanish – I often get a lot done before work. In fact, this morning I was up at 3.30am!

Favorite product?

Can I say all of the MDLZ chocolate ranges? The last chocolate I ate was one you have to smash from the Marvelous Creations range.