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Want to know more about our application processes, or what to expect at your interview? We've compiled a list of our most commonly asked questions to help you through the recruitment journey...

Q. how do I search and apply for a position?

A. From anywhere on our Careers website, click ‘Search Jobs’ in the top right-hand corner. You will then be able to search all of our current vacancies and apply filters to show only the vacancies in your desired function and/or location.

Once you have found a role that you are interested in, click ‘Apply Online’ – you’ll be invited to create a profile, and we’ll walk you through the process from there.

Q. will there be scope for me to develop my career internationally?

A. One of the best things about working for a global company is the opportunity to work with many different countries. If you establish yourself within the business and prove you’ve got what it takes to succeed, there may be opportunities to bring your talents to any of our offices around the world, provided the right opportunity comes up. Alternatively, you could find yourself working with many different countries in a global or regional role.

Q. how do I update my profile?

A. You can update your profile at any time by logging on to the system and viewing your account information. There are options to edit any of the information included here.

Q. how can I update my job application?

A. You can only update applications for positions that are currently open. To do this, log into the careers section of the site, using your username and password. Go to My Job Page and select the job you wish to update. Then click View/Edit Submission and make any required edits.

Q. how can I view and update an attached file?

A. You can attach a file with the exact same name as the file you previously attached - our system will overwrite the old file with the new one.

Q. what should I do if I can’t upload a file?

A. There is a maximum number of files a user can upload. If the maximum number has been reached, try deleting or updating a file you've already uploaded.

Q. can I submit my resume without applying for a specific position?

A. To join, you need to apply for a specific role or program. If, when reviewing your application, we think you’d be better suited for another role or program, we’ll let you know. You can also set up your profile to receive job alerts for any future roles you might be interested in.

Q. can I set up job alerts to find out if a job I might be interested in has become available?

A. Yes, once you have a profile set up in our careers section, you can access your Account Options, and select for email notifications to be sent to you whenever a new position matching your profile is posted. You’ll find this option under the ‘Correspondence’ section of ‘My Account Options’.

Q. how can I track the status of my application?

A. Once your application has been successfully received by the talent acquisition team, you will receive an electronic notification confirming receipt. Application status can be tracked by logging into the careers section using your username and password and going to My Job Page. Here you will be able to follow the status of your application under the Submission Status heading.

Q. what if I change my mind about an application I have submitted? what should I do?

A. If you no longer wish to proceed with your application, you can withdraw it at any time. To do this, log into the careers portal using your username and password, then go to My Job Page and locate the requisition you wish to withdraw from. Then click 'Withdraw Application'.

Q. if I have previously withdrawn my application, can I be considered for other career opportunities that arise at mondelēz international?

A. Yes - you can apply to any open positions. Your application and suitability to the role will be reviewed for that role.

Q. how can I prepare for my interview with mondelēz international?

A. To help you prepare, we have compiled some of our top tips – please click here for more information!

Q. do you pay interview expenses?

A. It depends on what position you’re applying for and the country in which you’d like to work. Please see the job description or speak to the recruiter once you’ve been invited to an interview.

Q. how long will it take to hear from you after the interview?

A. Once you’ve had your interview, we’ll try to get back to you within a week to let you know the outcome. In some cases, it may take slightly longer – your recruiter will be able to advise you about anticipated time frames.

Q. what do I do if I applied some time ago and haven’t received any feedback on my application?

A. We may have already been trying to contact you via email; however, the emails may not be reaching you. Check your email spam folder for any emails from us. Add ‘@mdlz.com’ to your email safe list. You can also check the status of your application at any time by logging into the system using your username and password and going to My Job Page.

Q. if I’m unsuccessful, can I reapply?

A. Absolutely. You can reapply and we will consider your application on its own merits, taking into account why you were unsuccessful the first time. Please note, however, that you will need to wait six months before reapplying for the same role.

Q. I was contacted by an organization or individual claiming to act on behalf of mondelēz international... is this legitimate?

A. We’ve been told about an online recruitment fraud involving fake Mondelēz International job postings. These postings impersonate our company and employees in an attempt to wrongfully gather personal data and money from candidates.

We take this matter very seriously and are doing everything we can to put an end to it. Just in case, please watch out for:

  • Emails that originate from a non @mdlz.com address. All our employees, including our recruitment teams, use email addresses that end in @mdlz.com.
  • Job postings or emails with poor spelling and grammar.
  • A job offer when no face-to-face interview has taken place. As part of our recruitment process, we almost always meet candidates in person, at least once.
  • Early requests for extensive personal information such as passport and bank account details. We would only request passport information at the in-person interview stage and bank account details once you’ve accepted a job offer and started the onboarding process.
  • Offers of employment in international locations – often with requests for "visa processing fees". We would never ask for money from candidates as part of our recruitment process.

Should anyone make an unsolicited or suspicious offer of employment on behalf of Mondelēz International, please contact your local police department.

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