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Finance at Mondelēz International is about more than numbers.

We’re a cutting-edge, contemporary and forward-looking function that is driving value by being a world-class partner to the business.

Finance creates and protects value across all our activities. It plays a vital role in assessment and planning to meet our resourcing needs. And it manages the Profit & Loss of every area of our business, as well as maintaining compliance with financial regulations audit requirements and international tax laws, which vary in complexity.

“Make sure you get a variety of experiences across finance, embrace additional tasks or projects wherever possible.”

Stephen Bell, Director Financial Planning & Analysis, Asia Pacific

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Own your career, have fun with it and play to your strengths

Finance is organized into eight sub-functions, each of which offers a rewarding career path:

Finance Controlling manages the tools that allow us to evaluate actuals against forecasts. It assesses our financial effectiveness to keep our business on track and, ultimately, signs off our books. Entry roles include Internal Controls Analyst and Financial Accountant, with a path to roles such as Regional Financial Controller.

Overhead Controlling manages the financials of our cost centers – the overheads of the business. Its remit includes cost center planning and reporting, cross-charges management and cost center administration. Entry roles include Overhead Controller, with a path to roles such as Global Overhead Controller.

Internal Controls and Internal Audit provides the internal controls, monitoring, assurance and advisory services so we are legally compliant. Its role includes SOX compliance, controls self-assessment, continuous controls monitoring and internal audit. Entry roles include Internal Auditor, with a path to roles such as Regional Audit Lead.

Supply Chain Controlling provides the financial performance forecasting and measurement tools that enables Supply Chain to deliver high-quality products at the lowest cost. It manages all controlling functions for product cost, manufacture, inventory, procurement and customer service & logistics. Entry roles include Supply Chain Controller, with a path to roles such as Director Supply Chain Controlling.

Treasury monitors our cash flow, and ensures that we have mitigation and avoidance plans for risks that are a part of doing business. Areas include treasury and cash management, and financial risk management. Entry roles include Treasury Analyst, with a path to roles such as Regional Treasury Manager.

Tax ensures we are correctly reporting income for tax purposes, and remain in compliance with tax policies and laws. It includes income tax planning, income tax compliance and reporting, and tax governance. Entry roles include Tax Analyst, with a path to roles such as Director Tax.

Sales Controlling performs financial performance forecasting and measurement for Sales to manage revenue and drive customer profitability. Entry roles include Sales Finance Analyst, with a path to roles such as Area Sales Finance Lead.

“Perseverance and determination will take you a long way.” - Jim Christiansen, Senior Director, Global Business Analysis

What Finance careers look like

Own your career, have fun with it and play to your strengths

We’ve worked hard to make Mondelēz International a great place to work, where finance professionals have every opportunity to enhance their expertise. We offer numerous roles and thousands of experiences that differ from location to location.

Your strengths may lie in driving cost efficiencies or evaluating investment decisions, in ensuring compliance or creating long-term strategies. Whatever you do, you’ll be working as a valued partner to the business, collecting, analyzing and using intelligent information and data to give everyone at Mondelēz International the power to make informed decisions.

“Be clear of what you want from your career and what you’re inputting.” - Tejas Mehta, Director, ISC Controlling AMEA

Your learning experience

Own your career, have fun with it and play to your strengths

Nobody knows better than you where you want to go in Finance, so we’ll give you the scope to create your own career path. On our part, we’ll provide you with the inspiration, tools and opportunities so you can keep your options open and realize your aspirations.

We’ll make sure that you have a rich blend of experiences. This will enable you to build your knowledge of our business, develop your technical expertise in your niche area and, where appropriate, acquire non-specific financial skills such as influencing, people management and leadership.

Most of your learning in Finance will come from on-the-job experience. This may mean taking on assignments beyond your own area (and comfort zone), moving across functions within Finance or relocating to a new country – the onus will come from you. But you’ll be learning from others too, perhaps shadowing a more experienced colleague, receiving mentoring or coaching from your manager, or building your network of contacts. There will also be learning events and courses, from face-to-face workshops to webinars, to top up your finance knowledge.

“Follow your passion, be a lifelong learner and always stay humble.” - Vitus Alig, Category Senior Director FP&A

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