Human Resources (HR)

HR is shaping the future of Mondelēz International – driving top-tier financial performance, creating a ‘great place to work’ and developing the world-class capabilities to help us win in our key markets.
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Human Resources

Our vibrant, agile and highly skilled HR community is a valued partner to the business and our near 100,000 global employees, managing the full people process from hire to retire.

  • We are leaders in organizational and change management, cultural integration and employee engagement.
  • We are responsible for recruitment, succession planning, talent and performance management, creating a strong pipeline of inspirational, global leaders.
  • We operate our Total Rewards policy so individuals are recognized for their contributions.
  • We provide effective HR solutions in everything from workforce administration to employee relations, payroll and HR analytics.

Our business priorities are fertile ground for us to do amazing work and for our people to enjoy an incredibly diverse range of career experiences.

“Don’t rule anything out too quickly. What may seem crazy or outlandish could be the experience of a lifetime.”

Betsey Strobl, Director, Talent Management Lead

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Where you could fit in

Own your career, have fun with it and play to your strengths

We have a Global HR Operating Model that comprises three components: Define, Design and Deliver.

Define – credible HR activists with a commercial focus partner leadership teams to drive business performance. They define and implement business and HR priorities, ensuring that we ‘play to win’ in our markets. Roles include HR VP and HR Business Leads for global functions, regions or countries.

Design – Centers of Expertise (COE) design solutions, programs, tool and processes to support business priorities. They are trendsetters, enabling us to deliver the vey best in areas such as talent acquisition, learning & development, rewards & recognition and performance management. Roles range from Talent Management Specialist and Executive Compensation & Benefits Manager to Global Learning Manager and Region Rewards Manager.

Deliver – HR Solutions and Mondelēz Business Services (MBS) Employee Services are shared services that deliver processes and procedures throughout the employee lifecycle. Responding to calls from employees and requests from the business, its remit extends from employee relations and payroll operations to benefits and learning administration. Roles range from Payroll Coordinators and HR Managers to Team Leads and HR Solutions/Global Employee Service Leads.

“Amazing lessons and experiences come from lateral moves.” - Adriana Raabe, Workforce Administration Manager, Mondelēz Business Services

What HR careers look like

Own your career, have fun with it and play to your strengths

HR at Mondelēz International offers an exciting, fast-paced, dynamic and collaborative environment, where people are proud of the profound impact they make on the business.

We’ll look for a real desire to grow. If you needed any incentive to do that, you should know that 35% of our entire HR community is currently in a new or expanded role.

We’ll encourage you to move between components of our HR Operating Model, and gain experience in functions other than HR and exposure to a variety of markets. You’ll enjoy ‘signature experiences’, which could mean involvement in turnarounds, acquisitions or start-ups. All this will give you the global mindset and broad range of perspectives to influence business outcomes and your career.

“Own your career, have fun with it and play to your strengths.” - Keith Mendez, HR Business Lead, Supply Chain & Procurement EEMEA

Your learning experience

Own your career, have fun with it and play to your strengths

You’re the best person to decide where you want to go in HR, so we’ll give you the freedom to be bold in setting your own career path. And because your development is at the heart of what we stand for, we’ll be fully supportive of the direction you want to take – enabling you to keep your options open and be ready for any opportunity that presents itself.

Most of your learning will be on the job, perhaps participating in projects beyond your job area or moving across specializations within HR. Your manager and/or mentor will be available for regular career conversations and you’ll also be learning from the brilliant people around you. There are HR-specific tools you can learn from, as well as various courses and events. Learning can happen anytime, anywhere and everywhere so you can keep your HR skills and knowledge fully up to date.

“Knock on doors, connect with people who can give you good advice.” - Maria Lucila Cuello, Talent Acquisition Lead, LA

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Join us in Human Resources

And play your part in bringing delicious moments of joy to the world! In Human Resources, we have a range of opportunities, in a number of locations, for people with varying levels of experience. Click to find your perfect job.

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