Todd Abraham. keeping us ahead of the game.


Todd started his Mondelēz International career in Research, Development & Quality (RDQ) as a bench scientist, worked in Product Development and Centralized Research, then moved into Marketing. After many years in RDQ, he is now SVP Research & Nutrition.

Best job going?

In my opinion, I have the best job in the food industry! That’s because I get to look across all our categories and identify opportunities to use our internal and external resources to help the business compete and grow, now and in the future. Essentially, I look after cross-category applications of technology in the ingredient space from a long-term perspective, as well as nutrition research. One part of my role is to lead the relationship between our Research & Nutrition Group and our global categories. By integrating the activities into a holistic effort, we can tangibly help Mondelēz International to evolve.

Delighting consumers through science

We win in the marketplace when we connect what’s needed with what’s possible – that’s what we figure out in RDQ. The focus in RDQ is not just on technology; we have a detailed understanding of the market, too. That’s why I believe that RDQ is in the best possible position to find the intersection of what consumers want and what can be done through science. That’s what makes a career here so exciting – people do what they love and they love what they do.

Dual career paths

RDQ embraces so many different activities and people can quickly get a broad base of experience. There’s a range of specialist roles across businesses, technologies and geographies that people can align to their interests and expertise to grow professionally, from quality and deep research roles to product development.

One of the unique aspects of RDQ at Mondelēz International is our dual career paths. We offer both an R&D management path and the opportunity to follow a deep technical career into a leadership role. Deep technical expertise is critical to our success and people don’t have to move away from what they love and what they are good at to advance. In fact, I would say that the respect for our technical career path is unrivalled in our industry.

Great Place To Be

There’s always something new and different to work on in RDQ. That could mean addressing the specific challenges of emerging markets or developed markets, tackling nutrient deficiencies or nutrition excess, or promoting our Well-being agenda. I’m proud our team’s dedication to positively impact the business and create a great environment to work in. We collaborate across functions and the business to create effective solutions to problems. People tend to stay here a long time because they feel part of a family – it really is a special community.