Meet our Bubbly people

Ever wondered what goes into creating, marketing and selling a global snack sensation?

Cadbury Dairy Milk Bubbly

We need more bubbles!

With Bubbly we wanted to give consumers a smoother, more aerated taste experience. But how? It all started in Research, Development & Quality (RDQ) - the magical ingredient behind our brands. Scientists and nutritionists work tirelessly on product quality, nutrition and every aspect of the sensory experience to create something consumers will love.

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The people are great. Everyone is so easy to talk to.

Clement, RDQ

Creating a whole new technology

Bubbly required a unique Mondelēz International-trademarked process - our innovative Aerimelt technology - to create bubbles inside and outside. It’s all down to Engineering - where brilliant ideas become a delicious reality. Our engineers develop the highly technical processes and competitively advantaged assets behind every product we make.

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turning the bubbles into reality

Scaling up successful production of Bubbly was the kind of challenge our Manufacturing teams live for. Manufacturing in our factories is where we use raw materials to create the delicious products our consumers love. We use highly advanced and scalable technology to create a huge range of different end products in sites around the world.

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Giving Bubbly to the World

Our Marketing experts focus on consumer insights. It’s about getting to know the people who consume our products inside and out. We capture imaginations around the world, fine-tuning our messages and images to perfectly resonate with different cultures and groups of people. So for example, in India Bubbly is hugely popular as part of our indulgent Silk chocolate range.

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Customer Services and Logistics

Once we’ve built up a hunger for Bubbly around the world, we need to satisfy it! Customer Services and Logistics is what we call our integrated end-to-end, demand-driven supply chain - all the way from farm to shelf. These teams are experts in storing and transporting different products, and making sure that our customers always have the right quantity and quality of products, at the right time and in the right place.

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Human resources

For a project like Bubbly, we need to make sure we have the right talent in place at the right time. And we need to enable the kind of collaborative, knowledge sharing culture that makes delicious innovations like this possible; we ensure every person counts and can use their unique talents to help us on our journey.

I'm gaining all sorts of great experience.

Hortense, HR

Getting it into the shops

Our sales teams build strong relationships with customers, big or small, all over the world. That means understanding their needs and responding to the market. We rolled out Bubbly around the world, beginning in the UK in 2012, followed by launches in South Africa, Germany, Austria, France, Brazil, Russia and India. It’s now in 50 countries. Whichever country we’re in, we aim to be the supplier of choice and deliver world class service.

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Joining the dots

How can we keep track of just how successful Bubbly has been? Information Systems connects and empowers every aspect of our organization, giving us easy access to vital information like this. Whether we’re investing in growth-enabling 'front-office' solutions to give us industry-leading sales, marketing and product development capabilities, or integrating our entire supply chain, Information Systems adds value to every part of the business.

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Making it all add up

Less than 36 months after launch, Bubbly hit global revenues of $200 million. But this was just the start for our Finance teams. The next step was to develop a successful strategy to grow even further. Finance is infused into every single aspect of our $14 billion European organization. It’s not just about numbers. It’s about collecting and analyzing the information that allows us to make informed decisions.

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