Brand and Talent Insights: Prince Polo in Poland

Posted on: 13/05/2016

Prince Polo is one of the most loved and bestselling chocolate wafer in Poland and has a great history. For its most recent campaign – “Prince Polo. Authentic” – the brand encourages consumers to stay true to themselves despite the changing world and lifestyles, much like the way in which the product has remained and authentic for more than 60 years!

To launch this new campaign, Prince Polo teamed up with Polish Musician and TV star, Czesław Mozil. He is a very authentic person not only through his music but also through his way of living.

“The only Polish sweets I remember from living abroad are Prince Polo wafers which I’ve always loved” – says Czesław Mozil. “[For] many years I highlighted that I engage in projects that are close to myself and which I believe in. I feel sentiment towards Prince Polo – I have many stories in which Prince Polo accompanied me on emigration and reminded me about Poland – we liked to share these wafers with my friends.”

The TV campaign shows the story where Czesław Mozil finds himself in a hotel where there is “Doppelgangers reunion”. Among others he meets Freddie Mercury and Elvis Presley who take him also for a perfect doppelganger. In the end he states that everybody is mistaken. He is himself, an authentic Czesław Mozil.

In addition to the advertising spot on TV, the brand has launched a consumer competition – “Express your authentic emotions” to encourage Prince Polo consumers to be authentic every day and show spontaneous, authentic emotions. You can access this competition here:

Prince Polo prepared a .gif animations creator where consumers can upload their photos, use an image processing tool and get their authentic .gif produced.

Consumers can produce their .gifs and submit them as part of a competition, where the most original and interesting .gifs are awarded prizes.

Czesław Mozil also engaged himself into the activation and went onto the streets of Warsaw, surprising people and asking them to express their authentic emotions. You can view the TV campaign featuring Czesław below.

The campaign was supported across social media where posts on Facebook were encouraging people to display their authentic emotions such as: surprise, outrage, happiness and many others. Some of these also featured our celebrity.

As with every great marketing campaign, there is an even greater marketeer behind it. In the case of Prince Polo, that is current Brand Manager, Kamila Moniuszko.

“I really enjoyed working on the development and launch of this campaign. Czesław is a great guy, a real authentic person, full of energy and ideas. Working with him was a pleasure. I hope this campaign will encourage Poles to be themselves and more authentic every day and express authentic emotions.”

Kamila works in Mondelez since 2011. She started her experience with local chocolate tablets brand Alpen Gold and further on took over responsibility for Prince Polo brand. “I really love working in marketing with dynamic working environment and people full of energy. What is more, contributing to building brands that consumers love is a great experience.”

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