Marabou turns 100 years old and celebrates with a big hug party!

Posted on: 21/01/2016

Today is International Hug day!

A day to recognise the hug and its importance to everyone’s wellbeing. In a study that was made in Sweden it was stated that 83% of the population needs a hug. Like a piece of chocolate a hug makes you happier, that’s why Marabou now invites all to a big #kramkalas (hug party) as part of their 100 year anniversary.

Why hug?

When we hug the substance oxytocin is released in our bodies, a hormone that reduces stress and improves our well-being. The same hormone is released when we eat, see or even think about chocolate. In that sense, a hug and a piece of chocolate are similar. So on this particular day, the world hug day, Marabou is kicking off their 100 year anniversary.

What is Marabou doing?

The Marabou-team is today (January 21st) out on the streets of Sweden, Finland and Denmark sharing #joy and encouraging people to hug each other and for or every hug Marabou will donate 1 Swedish krona to Save the Children.

This is the start of the celebration of the fact that Sweden’s largest chocolate manufacturer Marabou has been active for 100 years.

What started as a family business in Sundbyberg, Stockholm in 1916 has grown into one of Sweden's best known and most loved brands.

About Marabou

Marabou's 100-year journey has really done a historical footprint - both for the chocolate-loving Swedes and the Swedish food industry. Every generation has its memories and associations, and even today Marabou is very much still the people's chocolate factory, says Jonas Magnusson, GM Swedish Hub.

The classic "Marabou taste" has become a hallmark, and through the years Marabou has created iconic products such as Japp, Daim and Twist. Marabou has also played an important role for the Swedish industry and nutrition research. Today Marabou is an obvious place in the chocolate-loving Swedes' hearts and many of the classic products of the early 1900s are still big sellers.

The Marabou 100-year celebration will be a grand slam celebration that will continue throughout the year with lots of activities. For today, share some #joy with a hug and stay tuned for more activities from one of Sweden’s most bellowed brands.

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