Mondelēz International in Switzerland is the home of Toblerone, the legendary triangular Swiss chocolate with honey and almond nougat, as well as our Stimerol and V6 brands. It's also a place where people can forge great careers.

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At a glance

At a glance

At our Zurich head office, we need leaders with the experience and aspiration to take our European operations into the future. 

Opportunities also exist at our Bern manufacturing site and in our Taloca procurement operation for people with varying levels of experience.

Doing the Right Thing

Doing the right thing

We set up the Harmony Center to ensure a sustainable supply and traceability of wheat used for our Lu biscuits. The program was created in France in 2008 as a partnership with everyone in the wheat supply chain, from farmers to millers. It focuses on local biodiversity, as well as the quality and traceability of the wheat in our biscuits. Today, more than 1,700 European farmers partner with us in line with our commitment to use Harmony wheat in 75% of our biscuits sold in Western Europe. We’re also committed to help our consumers snack sensibly and provide them clear nutritional information on our products. This is why we have launched innovative new tools like ‘I Love Biscuits – a smartphone application that empowers French consumers with clear and simple information to enjoy our biscuits as part of a balanced diet.


Mondelēz International is the proud recipient of a Happy Trainees award, 2016-17, from Meilleures Enterprises. Trainees feel comfortable recommending Mondelēz International to their friends – testimony to the way we look after them and provide the support and training so they can progress their careers.

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The Zurich office opened in 2007 and is now Mondelēz International's European head office. 

We're conveniently located in the north of the city, with the airport just a ten-minute tram ride away and other public transport links close by.

The office houses the full range of regional functions but also has a strong global focus. We have a team of leaders from across areas including Sales, Marketing, Finance, Corporate Government Affairs (CGA), Legal, Information Technology Solutions (ITS) and Strategy, Insights and Analytics (SIA). 

Not only will you be able to develop your career in a diverse, multicultural environment where functions work collaboratively together, but live in a city with a strong infrastructure and a high standard of living.

Zurich, Switzerland

Our Bern manufacturing site is around 130km south of Zurich. 

Every Toblerone we make, in all its varieties, comes from the plant. 

You'll be part of a team responsible for running our production lines, or ensuring operations are safe, efficient and cost effective.

Bern, Switzerland

Can you see yourself working in a small procurement unit that has a huge global spend? 

Taloca in Zug is home to our global commodity buying operation. 

This is responsible for a multi-million spend on items such as cocoa, wheat and other commodities that are crucial for our business.

Taloca, Switzerland

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